Branding Vaja_ 2001

Vaja is a company dedicated to de- sign and making the best Argentine leather cases for mobile phones, laptops and other cos technological products. With its main markets in Europe and the United States, it is known for being a premium brand, unique design, functional and high quality. In 2001, the company chose to RDYA  

redesign its brand, which involved the creation of a new language and trademark architecture. During this process, RDYA also designed the packaging for the product lines Vaja, and developed and executed its communication campaign.

2001 architecture marca_

At this stage, Drab decided to work with different pillars to communicate the brand: Personality: the client's personality is associated with the proposal of the brand, motivating them positively. Customization: The client participates in the production process and interfere in the final result of what they are buying, a very common trend in the current context.

Freedom: the mark is related to an imaginary that goes far beyond the product, associating with a way of life. Color: The color and its different meanings express a character or personality. Associating the brand communication with the use of colors creates a simple and memorable imagery. The central idea was that each customer could

express their personality and individuality through the uniqueness of your product, and create a synergy with the brand. Vaja is characterized by a very strong product that appeals to smell, touch and sight through the scent of leather, textures and a wide palette of colors. This brand experience summarized in the firm "by Vaja," referring to their quality, design and style.

Customization second Etapa_ 2001

In 2007 the company re turn to us to refresh their brand and give freshness to its global identity, including Brand Concept Brand Guide, Brand Style, Packaging, Web, Advertising Campaign and product concept. Drab took the pixel as a starting point for a new trademark language, reinforcing the concept of

technology which focuses Vaja. From there they were forming different frames allowed to play with images and situations consumption.The result was a dynamic language, which reinforced the idea of ​​individuality and diversity. Vaja restructured its trademark architecture by adding new Premium products such as

 the Silver line, including leather cases with silver applique. In addition, in an action of co-branding with Swarovsky Crystal he launched a limited edition exclusive leather with crystal sconces this brand.

Avisos & comunicacion

Actualmente, la nueva tecnología es un commodity; en pocos meses, uno puede adquirir las últimas novedades que ofrece el mercado. En este marco, Vaja decidió sumar algo más a sus productos. Ya no alcanzaba con ser diferente a los demás.  Continuando con el concepto de “marca ligada a la moda”, retiró del mercado la línea “Classic” para volcarse totalmente a los productos 

customizables, desarrollados bajo la tecnología i-volution. Por otro lado, Vaja ofrece un lugar donde expresar la creatividad personal, jugando con la elección de colores y diseños para customizar el producto. Lo hace tuyo. Lo hace único. De aquí se desprende la declaración “Make it Yours”, que introduce el sentido de pertenencia a la marca, la conexión emocional

entre el producto y el usuario. Este claim engloba los cuatro conceptos fundamentales: libertad, color, customización y personalidad. El resultado final es el tagline: “Make it yours. Make it Vaja”.

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